About Us

Founded in 1971, Jendyk Enterprises manufactures an extensive line of Glad Hand Locks, King Pin Locks, Air Brake Locks, Wheel Nut Locks and Padlocks — all designed to give you unparalleled protection. Whether it is your employees, vehicles or cargo, you can count on Jendyk locks to keep them safe and secure.

Our Philosophy—We are here for you.

Jendyk’s superior engineering, large inventories, commitment to quality, and highly competitive prices make us the first choice of end users and distributors and in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Our Value—Protecting Your People, Cargo and Trucks with Dependable Solutions.

Our durable and easy-to-install truck and trailer locks work to guard your assets over the long-term. Each lock is designed, field tested and proven to eliminate employee injury caused by unsecure trailors, and to eliminate the vexing expenses associated with equipment and cargo theft.

To learn more, call Jendyk: 800-841-4523, or email us: sales@jendyk.com.