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Heavy Duty Truck and Trailer Locks for Enhanced Safety and Security

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Glad Hand Locks

Dead Line Your Trailer with an Easy-to-Install Glad Hand Lock from...

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King Pin Locks

Stop Unauthorized Hook Ups with High Strength Weld Free King Pin...

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Air Brake Locks

Prevent Truck Theft with Jendyk’s Heavy Duty Tractor Air Brake Lock....

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Wheel Nut Locks

Lock Up Your Tires Easily with Jendyk’s Indestructible Wheel Nut Locks....

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Protect Your Cargo from Theft with Jendyk’s Best Quality Padlocks and...

For more than 40 years, Jendyk’s trustworthy locks have eliminated vehicle damage and loss, prevented cargo theft, and enhanced driver and dockworker safety. Their universal fit design makes them easy-to-install and, better yet, they are engineered to give years of reliable performance.

We have a safety and security solution for you. Check out the industries we serve below and then contact us to learn more.

Trucking Companies

Private Fleets

Owner Operators

Distribution Centers

3PL and Private Warehousing

We also personalize our service for you. For example, we can custom color almost any lock and we offer a variety of keying options:

Each lock can be keyed differently.

Every lock can be keyed alike.

Each lock can be keyed differently with a
master key that can open or close all locks.


Finally, Jendyk has an extensive network of distributors in the United States, Canada and Mexico to provide you with fast, efficient service. Our distributors maintain fully stocked inventories to meet the most demanding delivery requirements and they pass on volume discounts for incredible savings.

To learn more, call Jendyk: 800-841-4523, or email us: sales@jendyk.com.