Air Brake Locks

Prevent Truck Theft with Jendyk’s Heavy Duty Tractor Air Brake Lock.

Heavy Duty Air Brake Locks from Jendyk Enterprises help secure your vehicle while it is parked or idling. Made of tough cast aluminum alloy, they lock your dashboard brake controls so you won’t worry about your vehicle being stolen.

Jendyk’s superior quality Air Brake Locks fit all tractors, straight trucks, buses and other vehicles that are equipped with air brakes, including those with curved dashboards and oversized knobs.

We offer two types: Single Air Brake Locks for heavy-duty straight trucks, dump trucks, and buses, and Double Air Brake Locks for tractors. Our superior engineering and advanced technology also enable you with three keying options:

Each lock keyed alike.

Each lock keyed differently.

Each lock keyed differently with a master
key that can open or close all locks.

Jendyk knows the importance of keeping keys to a minimum and records your key numbers for all future orders.

Our distributors in the Unites States, Canada and Mexico have well-stocked inventories and stand ready to meet your needs.

To learn more, call Jendyk: 800-841-4523, or email us: