Glad Hand Locks

Dead Line Your Trailer with an Easy-to-Install Glad Hand Lock from Jendyk.

Available in durable plastic or heavy-duty aluminum, Glad Hand Locks from Jendyk Enterprises are the smart way to lock the air brake line on your trailer to prevent it from moving.

To ensure driver and dockworker safety, it is important to prevent trailer movement while it is being loaded or unloaded. The Glad Hand lock immobilizes the trailer by securely covering your trailer’s air brake connection.

While our lower cost plastic model is incredibly secure, most customers prefer the aluminum version because the price difference is negligible.

All Glad Hand Locks can be keyed in one of three options:

Each lock keyed alike.

Each lock keyed differently.

Each lock keyed differently with a master
key that can open or close all locks.

Also, Jendyk records your key number(s) so you can reorder the same number in the future. In addition, the aluminum Glad Hand Lock is available in a variety of custom powder coated colors.

Each Glad Hand Lock is stamped with Jendyk’s mark of quality. It’s another reason why we are the first choice of warehouses, private fleets, owner operators and trucking companies across the US, Canada and Mexico.

To learn more, call Jendyk: 800-841-4523, or email us: