King Pin Locks

Stop Unauthorized Hook Ups with High Strength Weld Free King Pin Locks from Jendyk.

Jendyk’s King Pin Locks are made from a thick walled, high strength ductile iron casting that is weld free and has a unique bell shape. The bell shape casting prevents the King Pin Lock from jamming or wedging in the fifth wheel. These King Pin Locks are so strong that they can withstand an almost unlimited number of illegal coupling attempts.

Jendyk offers two versions of its King Pin Lock:

Open Base Heavy Duty King Pin Lock.

Closed Base Heavy Duty King Pin Lock
(Clean Hands Version).

Either King Pin Lock will protect your trailer, but most users prefer the King Pin Lock with the Closed Base. The Closed Base adds extra strength and holds grease in for clean, easy installation and removal.

Both King Pin Lock versions can be installed or removed with a key in seconds. When ordered in quantities, King Pin Locks can be keyed in one of three different options:

Each lock keyed alike.

Each lock keyed differently.

Each lock keyed differently with a master
key that can open or close all locks.

Plus, Jendyk offers you the option of using the same key number(s) for future orders, and you can order in a variety of custom powder coated colors if needed.

To learn more, call Jendyk: 800-841-4523, or email us: