Wheel Nut Locks

Lock Up Your Tires Easily with Jendyk’s Indestructible Wheel Nut Locks.

Easy-to-install Wheel Nut Locks from Jendyk Enterprises provide you with extraordinary security for your truck and trailer wheels. The clean, modern and virtually indestructible design of each lock and key offer security that can’t be compromised. For considerably less than the cost of one tire, you can install Jendyk Wheel Nut Locks to help avoid the annoying costs and complications of increased insurance, downtime, delays, and vehicle damage.

Jendyk offers three different Wheel Nut Locks depending on the type of wheel system your truck or trailer uses:

Hub Piloted Wheel Nut Locks

Stud Piloted/Budd Style Wheel Nut Locks

Spoke Type/Dayton Wheel Nut Locks

Manufactured from certified, tested and hardened alloy steel with a zinc chromate finish, Jendyk Wheel Nut Locks are engineered for the long haul. Each nut has a unique code that can only be removed with your personal Jendyk Wheel Nut key.

Only one lock per exterior wheel is required, and each lock has a free spinning sleeve that prevents its removal with vise grips or similar tools. Also, the patented hole and key pin design doesn’t permit stripping during installation or removal, unlike other wheel nut locks on the market.

Sold separately or in sets, our heavy duty Wheel Nut Locks resist drilling, rust and unauthorized removal. Plus, for your convenience, we record and save your Wheel Nut Lock’s key number(s) for your future orders.

Unmatched quality and competitive pricing makes us the first choice for warehouses, private fleets, owner operators, and trucking companies in the US, Canada and Mexico.

To learn more, call Jendyk: 800-841-4523, or email us: sales@jendyk.com.